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The Role of Indifference in Racism

When we watch the news and follow current events it’s important to look beyond the mere facts of the day or details of an event and ask, “What am I really seeing here?” In this article John Blake explores what is beneath our revulsion to the picture of Derek Chauvin...

The Myth of A Few Bad Apples

The myth of “A Few Bad Apples” is a narrative that says “there aren’t systemic problems in policing, no systemic or racist biases in traffic stops of black or brown people, no systemic problems of excessive force, or escalation of traffic stops to deaths of those...

The Primacy of Equity

Of the three terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Diversity is the one that lacks strength and substance without the other two. Organizations that seek accolades for Diversity alone should face a series of follow-on questions. Do those diverse members work in an...

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