The Primacy of Equity

Jan 7, 2022 | Leaddei

Of the three terms Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Diversity is the one that lacks strength and substance without the other two. Organizations that seek accolades for Diversity alone should face a series of follow-on questions. Do those diverse members work in an Inclusive environment where their efforts are recognized, their opinions are sought, recognized and given equal weight? Are they included in informal social groupings as well as formal organizations? Are diverse members represented in the power positions of the organization? Are they receiving equivalent pay, opportunities for career
progress, coaching, mentoring and open paths to success? In this article, Lori Lizarraga writes about her experience as an on-air Latina reporter at 9News Denver. In this cast Diversity without Inclusion and Equity is an empty, frustrating failed approach. “Without empowered representation from all walks of life and status, everyone loses. The value of white representation at 9News is not in question. It’s the value of everyone else that seems to be.”

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