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Tackling generational diversity with Angie Richardson

Jul 25, 2023 | Annual Conference, Leaddei

Angie Richardson, PHR, has over 18 years of experience in human resources. At the DEI Leadership Institute’s inaugural Annual Conference on Aug. 16, Angie will take a deep dive into generational diversity — a hot topic as a new cohort of young professionals don’t return to the office post-pandemic, but rather head to the office for the very first time.

Angie specializes in creating diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures within organizations. She’s passionate about collaborating with executive leadership to align HR strategies with overall business goals, creating an inclusive work culture that drives productivity and develops high-performing teams.

Angie’s proven expertise in designing, planning, and implementing strategic HR policies and procedures — and providing technical solutions in complex business environments — has a proven track record of improvement at the organizational level.

In addition to her focus on DEI, Angie also recognizes the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) in effective HR management. She understands that empathetic and compassionate leadership can drive employee engagement, productivity, and overall organizational success. Angie consistently incorporates EQ and CQ strategies into her interactions, enabling her to build strong relationships with colleagues and navigate sensitive situations with tact and understanding.

She is also a certified Energy Codes® Practitioner.

In this Q&A, which has been lightly edited for style, Angie talks about her experience in diversity and HR, and what attendees can expect to walk away with on Aug. 16. Register today!

You’re an HR veteran, having led programs at several companies over the past decade or so. What are the top two or three lessons you’ve learned through that experience? Invest in your people! Especially through career pathing, training and mentoring. Many people will stay engaged in their work if they know that they have a place to learn, grow and continue to add value.

Be open to feedback — to be effective, we first need to ask employees for their feedback on the employee experience. We can only implement positive changes if we know where the gaps are and what is meaningful to employees.

And don’t forget to celebrate wins! We often work so hard that we forget to look back and celebrate all of our accomplishments, big and small. Celebration creates a feeling of connection and belonging to the team and the company.

You talk about an employer’s responsibility to provide an environment where one feels comfortable “bringing the whole human to work.” What does that mean, exactly? Bringing the whole human to work means creating a psychologically safe work culture where the employee can be authentic at work.

Employees are more than just their resume and work experience; they are human beings with many layers of differences. Acknowledging and celebrating these differences helps create an inclusive environment where employees feel like they belong to something bigger than themselves.

You’ve also completed the DEI Leadership Institute’s certification program. How has that impacted your approach to your work? Has it made an impact at your current job? The DEI Leadership certification program has helped me see myself as a DEI advocate in our company and our industry.

What tools or lessons do you hope people walk away with on Aug. 16 after your presentation at the inaugural Annual Conference? I hope people walk away with a fresh perspective on generational diversity and feel inspired to create positive change within their organizations.

Don’t forget to register for the DEI Leadership Institute’s inaugural Annual Conference today! Limited sponsorships are available.

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