The Myth of A Few Bad Apples

Jan 7, 2022 | Leaddei

The myth of “A Few Bad Apples” is a narrative that says “there aren’t systemic problems in policing, no systemic or racist biases in traffic stops of black or brown people, no systemic problems of excessive force, or escalation of traffic stops to deaths of those stopped, no systemic problem in the reporting,

investigation, or charging and prosecution of police misconduct. Incidents of misconduct that we see “are just a few bad apples.” Dr. Darren M. Slade, a former cop challenges that view:
“The problem is… it is not just a few bad apples. It is a chronic, systemic and widespread problem
among police agencies, big and small.”

In my own reflection of the conviction of Derek Chauvin, I don’t know of anyone who is saying, “Whew…great…they convicted the bad apple. Now we will have just and fair policing going forward.” Yet the myth continues.

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