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DEI Master Practitioner® Certification Program

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Certification


About the DEI Master Practitioner® Certification Program

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DEI Leadership Institute was designed to develop and support leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and heart to be effective agents of change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.


Certified Program

Designed to equip leaders with the skills and knowledge necessary to create and implement strategies that improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

Annual DEI Conference

Join the emerging thought-leadership and support community that was built specifically for those doing the challenging work of DEI.

Meet our Team

DEI Leadership Institute’s team is composed of professionals and academics with deep DEI experience.


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Read the latest news, hear from leading voices, and stay on the cutting edge of DEI best practices and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of the DEI Leadership Institute?

DEI Leadership Institute was established to develop and support leaders who have the skills, knowledge, and heart to be effective agents of change for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

What does the DEI Leadership Institute offer you?

The Institute offers three major programs:

  • DEI Leadership Certification Program
    This program addresses the need for leaders who — through study, the development of cross-racial relationships and leadership experiences in diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives — demonstrate the competencies to be certified as DEI leaders. 
  • DEI Leadership Annual Conference
    The Annual Conference convenes leaders directly engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusion programs at their organizations and within their communities.
    Speakers and panelists will engage a supportive community with thought leadership and best practices.

    All too often the challenge may seem overwhelming. The Annual Conference brings the power of community to the work of the diversity, equity, and inclusion movement.

  • DEI Executive Leadership Training and Workshops
    These programs provide a flexible means to deliver elements of the DEI Leadership Certification Program content for client organizations. It’s a more customized approach built around an organization’s specific needs.The focus of this training is consistent with the objective of the DEI Leadership Certification Program: The development of leaders.
How does the DEI Certification Program work?

The DEI Leadership Institute™ Master Practitioner Certification Program (DEI Certification Program) is aimed to provide leaders with the skills, tools, strategies, and experience necessary to effectively lead DEI change initiatives within their organizations.

The DEI Certification Program is designed to be completed within 6-8 weeks. To qualify for certification, all course modules must be successfully completed, and your DEI Advisor must determine that the requirements of your DEI Project for Change including Design, Communications, Implementation Planning, and Assessment of Results have been met within the 6-8 week period.

You will work with a DEI Leadership Institute Advisor as you develop and plan the implementation of your DEI Project for Change and measure and evaluate its results. We are invested in your successful completion of the certification requirements within the required timeframe. We also see that the establishment and achievement of project deadlines are skills necessary for success in leading DEI change initiatives after completion of this Certification Program.

The DEI Certification Program is presented in three levels: Explore, Lead, and Master. Each level will be delivered through three or four learning modules and one module for the practical application of the DEI framework.


Who Should Be Certified?
  • Emerging leaders from any industry who want to help their companies grow in diversity and inclusion.
  • Leaders who want to create vision, mission, and values that drive diversity
  • Executives who want to create a clear cultural shift in their organization by implementing new strategies, policies, and procedures.
  • Professionals from any industry with an interest in the field
  • HR Professionals
What are the objectives of the DEI Certification Program?

By getting certified, you will be able to:

  • Explain the meaning of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; the differences between them; and how they interact within the context of your organization.
  • Examine the most effective DEI approaches and/or strategies for your organization, and how to integrate them into every level of the organization.
  • Examine the most effective strategies to promote Equity in your organization.
  • Assess how unconscious bias and microaggressions may be deterring your organization’s DEI efforts.
  • Improve cultural competence in your organization.
  • Promote a safe, harassment-free, inclusive workplace.
  • Develop a plan to conduct your organization’s own DEI assessment process.
  • Develop a comprehensive Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion plan (DEI strategic plan) for your organization. 
  • Enhance the organizational mechanisms necessary to hold leadership accountable for Diversity and Inclusion efforts.
What is your investment?

One-time fee: $850 USD

Your tuition includes:

  • A DEI Leadership Institute™ Advisor throughout the term of the course.
  • Resources and materials
  • Possible showcase of your DEI Project for Change at the Annual DEI Leadership Conference
  • DEI network opportunities
What will happen once you register for the DEI Certification Program?

You will be contacted by your DEI Leadership Institute™ Advisor and Program administration to get access and begin the program.

What our Leaders are saying…


    The Project for Change helps and forces the learner to be thinking about how they can put the content to use. It aids in accountability when going through the curriculum.

    Abby T.
    Regional Director
    Talent Plus

    Truly an awesome program and I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the flow of the DEI Mater Practitioner Certification Program. Each module moved seamlessly to the next. I’m excited to share my experience with friends, family, and colleagues.

    Heather A
    Chief Relationship Officer
    Rising Above

    Having an advisor through the program was very important for me because the guidance of an expert is extremely helpful as you can run into questions about the program or even what to do with all the information you are learning and having clarity from someone who can respond those questions is very helpful. Also, being able to finish the program with a Project for Change ready to launch for your company is such a plus.

    Ana V.
    Marketing Manager
    Fitzsimons Credit Union

    I really liked how the course brings together content in various mediums instead of strictly reading white papers, etc. My advisor was incredible help to me. She guided me through the Project for Change and answered my questions quickly. She also encouraged me and motivated me along the way.

    Leslie C.
    KGS Agency

    I really liked the Project for Change because that was part of the adult-learning model where I was asked to bring what I learned into my own life and work and reflect on it. I would say going through that exercise was the most beneficial part of the course.

    What I liked the most about this certification program was the inner reflection it caused, and the awareness to a business environment!

    Karla H.
    Mintel Consulting

    The advisor component made the DEI Certification Program standout from other opportunities. I think this component creates more accountability, and a collaborative environment vs. “just an online course”.

    Abigail A.
    Technical Assistance Consultant
    American Institutes for Research (AIR)

    I would have to say that it was the insight. Even when you think you know, there’s more to know. In the case of DEI Certification Program, I had layers removed from my eyes I did not know were there.

    Mikell S
    Founder – Director

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