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    What our Leaders are saying…


      The Project for Change helps and forces the learner to be thinking about how they can put the content to use. It aids in accountability when going through the curriculum.

      Abby T.
      Regional Director
      Talent Plus

      Truly an awesome program and I really enjoyed it and I really enjoyed the flow of the DEI Mater Practitioner Certification Program. Each module moved seamlessly to the next. I’m excited to share my experience with friends, family, and colleagues.

      Heather A
      Chief Relationship Officer
      Rising Above

      Having an advisor through the program was very important for me because the guidance of an expert is extremely helpful as you can run into questions about the program or even what to do with all the information you are learning and having clarity from someone who can respond those questions is very helpful. Also, being able to finish the program with a Project for Change ready to launch for your company is such a plus.

      Ana V.
      Marketing Manager
      Fitzsimons Credit Union

      I really liked how the course brings together content in various mediums instead of strictly reading white papers, etc. My advisor was incredible help to me. She guided me through the Project for Change and answered my questions quickly. She also encouraged me and motivated me along the way.

      Leslie C.
      KGS Agency

      I really liked the Project for Change because that was part of the adult-learning model where I was asked to bring what I learned into my own life and work and reflect on it. I would say going through that exercise was the most beneficial part of the course.

      What I liked the most about this certification program was the inner reflection it caused, and the awareness to a business environment!

      Karla H.
      Mintel Consulting

      The advisor component made the DEI Certification Program standout from other opportunities. I think this component creates more accountability, and a collaborative environment vs. “just an online course”.

      Abigail A.
      Technical Assistance Consultant
      American Institutes for Research (AIR)

      I would have to say that it was the insight. Even when you think you know, there’s more to know. In the case of DEI Certification Program, I had layers removed from my eyes I did not know were there.

      Mikell S
      Founder – Director

      Course Overview

      DEI Master Practitioner Certification Program Description

      This program is designed to enable and empower you to make significant change to the diversity, equity, and inclusion of the organizations that you lead. This program includes:

      History & Background because knowing what got us to this place greatly informs what still needs to be changed.

      Terminology because clear definitions contribute to clarity of thinking, discussion, and change.

      Best Practices because others are also at work making DEI change and we want to make full use of their successes.

      Measurement Tools and Approaches because assessing an organization’s practices and measuring change confirms the effectiveness of change initiatives.

      Project Work because preparation for leading change initiatives begins with projects in this program.

      How It Works

      Course Length

      6 Weeks

      Course Format



      6-8 Hours per week


      Throughout the Course

      Project for Change

      Practical application



      By Getting Certified You Will Be Able To


      Explain the meaning of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, the differences between them and how they interact within the context of your organization.


      Examine the most effective Diversity and Inclusion approaches and/or strategies for your organization and how to integrate them into every level of the organization.


      Examine the most effective strategies to promote Equity in your organization.


      Improve cultural competence in your organization.


      Promote a safe, harassment-free, inclusive workplace.


      Develop a plan to conduct your organization DEI assessment process.


      Develop a comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion plan (DEI strategic plan) for your organization.


      Enhance the organizational mechanisms to hold the leadership accountable for the diversity and inclusion efforts.

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        Professionals from any industry with an interest in the field


        Leaders who want to create vision, mission, and values that drive diversity


        HR Professionals


        Executives who want to create a clear cultural shift in their organization by implementing new strategies, policies, and procedures.

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